Sherrie’s adventures in Wonderland


I saw Alice and her sister were sitting under a tree and a white rabbit with watch in its jacket. Alice ran after the rabbit and fell into a large rabbit-hole, I jumped in too. After a long fall I found a beautiful garden at the bottom of the hole, but Alice couldn’t go into it. Alice tried to use the bottle of drinks and some cakes (I really want to have some) to help her to be bigger or smaller. But she couldn’t go into the garden either. Finally she went outside and met the white rabbit; I heard he asked Alice to get the hat for him, Alice found the hat but she got bigger; she ate some cakes to get smaller and went away. I followed her, and suddenly appeared as a cat that can smile. Then she visited the Mad Hatter and the March Hare; I love the tea party they held. Until we met a strange Queen who wanted to cut off everybody’s head, I thought the journey was quite fun; I don’t want my cute catty head to be cut! Alice finally annoyed the Queen.  I used magic to bring her out of that world. How ridiculous it was she thought it was just a dream!图像

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland mentioned “Mock Turtle”, my favorite part. “‘The master was an old Turtle-we used to call him Tortoise-we call him Tortoise because he taught us.’” The author used homophonic to make the whole paragraph interesting and funny. The author also used this in a later paragraph: “Reeling and Writhing, to begin with and then Ambition, Distraction, Uglification, and Derision. There was mystery, with Seaography: then the Drawling, Stretching, and Fainting in Coils. The Classics master taught Laughing and Grief. The lessons last ten hours the first day and nine the next, and so on. That’s the reason they are called lessons, because they are lessen from day to day.” Reeling means Reading, Writhing means Writing, Ambition means Addition, Distraction means Subtraction, Uglification means Multiplication, Derision means Division, Mystery means History, Seaography means Geography, Drawling means Drawing, Stretching means Sketching, Fainting in Coils means Painting in Oils, Laughing means Latin, Grief means Greek. The author use the homonymic to name these courses, these actions are just like the movements of sea turtles, also ridiculing the school education nowadays.

I would recommend this text to others, reading this book can improve our writhing skills.